Super Bowl LI- New England vs Atlanta Prediction-



The upcoming Super Bowl LI in Houston between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons should be a good, entertaining game if recent Patriots history proves correct. This is the 7th trip that the greatest coach ever and the greatest quarterback ever- Belichick and Brady and each of those games weren’t decided until the end. I have no real rooting interest my team- the Steelers were beaten last week at New England. I am probably in a very small minority though, I have been a Steeler fan since 1969 but when the Steelers aren’t in it, I root for New England. A big fan of Belichick. I know most Steeler fans hate him and the Patriots but that’s how it goes.

I wouldn’t bet the ranch on my predictions. To be honest I have followed the NFL for nearly 50 years. I have for many of those 50 years been a big fan. My family likes telling stories of me growing up-watching two different games on two televisions at the same time while having headsets on listening to another game. I can’t recall a year when I have had a lack of interest as in this year. My football viewing this year consisted of watching every Steeler game, regular season and playoffs and I have watched every playoff game. I didn’t watch more than a few quarters of other games all season. At one time I knew every player in the league and where they went to college etc. I don’t know the league like I once did and don’t enjoy football like I once did. As far as the Super Bowl goes- I will be watching. I have vague memories of Super Bowl II and solid memories of every Super Bowl since. So I will watch the game but am avoiding all the hype that goes on with his week. Don’t bet the ranch but my Super Bowl Prediction is New England 27 Atlanta 24. MVP- how about a real reach- Tom Brady!

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