The Beatles “I Want To Hold Your Hand’ Hits #1- This Day 1964


On this day in 1964 The Beatles achieved their first #1 hit in the United States when “I Want To Hold Your Hand” hit #1. The Beatles would go on in their relatively short career to have twenty #1 hits in the United States. The song would stay at #1 for seven weeks, the song that finally displaced it from the top? Another Beatles #1 “She Loves You.

Starting with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” The Beatles would hit #1 seven times in 1964 which is a record for most #1’s in one year.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” wouldn’t be on my list of Top 10 Beatles songs but it would have to be near if not at the top of a list of most important Beatles songs- or songs by anyone. It helped open a new day in rock music.