it has been 32 years since KAL 007

Thirty two years ago today the USSR shot down Korean Air Lines flight 007. It was a flight en route to Seoul South Korea from New York, via Anchorage.

The Soviets originally denied any knowledge of the incident, but they later admitted that they shot it down because the plane was on a spy mission. Very intense time for the USA and USSR during the cold war, this accident pushed both sides to a place that neither wanted to be.

This is one of the first incidents of this nature that I remember very vividly. No one was really sure what this meant – the Russians in shooting down this plane had killed a sitting US Representative, Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald.

As I would grow up, this also was my introduction to modern conspiracy theories, because Larry McDonald is one of the more controversial figures in recent American history. By far the most conservative congressman during his time in office, just shy of Ron Paul.

McDonald seemed to have inherited the anti-communist mantle from Joseph McCarthy, and he did not like the Trilateral Commission, nor the Council for Foreign Relations. He was the president of the John Birch society a noted and considered far right wing group that aims to get rid of the federal reserve and the United States out of the United Nations.

There are an abundance of conspiracy theories on the JFK assassination. In my mind Larry McDonald is in second place.