random political thoughts from this week part 1

In a conversation with Hans, we were trying to come up with an appropriate comparison if Hillary Clinton is not the Democrat Nominee. At this point it is a virtual certainty that she will be the nominee. She has $68 million. Of course she can raise money. Her problems are when she tries to do um, just about anything. Her key asset is resilience. Things that would have made other people capitulate, or run and hide, she is still here. Like gum on the bottom of a shoe, she will stick around. I find it quite amusing that if and when there ever is a Democratic party debate – no way will the participants face questioning like that of the most recent Republican debate.

Every single scandal is just glossed over; we get an almost psychotic reaction if she is ever questioned. How do facts get so distorted? Our embassy was attacked in Benghazi. That is a fact. Now whether Hillary knew anything or not before the event happened I do not care. What I do care about is that 4 Americans died. She even noted this – but then stated “what difference at this point does it make” – well if you are in possession of knowledge and its your job to process this information etc, how will you fare as president?

We cannot have a president that when questioned becomes unhinged.

Also can you name anything that Hillary has accomplished? Really? I can wait. Let me help with the following link.


So Dems – enjoy your nomination and America enjoy the coronation process of Hillary, because do not dare ask questions.

The Dems are realizing that all may not be well along the way, hence the push back of debates, the asking of Joe Biden to run, or the Starbucks CEO. Here again is the problem. Deadlines for getting on the ballots are coming up relatively soon – January 2016. Even if someone of note decides to step in, they are at a tremendous disadvantage in fundraising. To reiterate – she has $68 million, no one will be able to match that in that amount of time.

Believe me this is going to be a long strange trip. This is one side.