random political thoughts from the week…part 2

Interesting debate on Thursday. Both of them, actually.

I will go ahead and get things rolling. Today is the 8 August as I type this. If the Republicans as of right now cannot understand that if they are going to nominate and run two old white guys on the 2016 ticket they have already lost, then this party might as well fold its tent and cease to be.

It is virtually certain that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrats. With her ability to turn anything said about her into victimhood – I can already see any male candidate for the republicans that criticizes her being branded a sexist.

Republicans thank your lucky stars that Carly Fiorina is on your side. I am not enamored with her as a candidate, I know she will not win the nomination. She has flaws, but she is the only one that has the guts to go straight at Hillary. She knows Hillary will be the nominee for the Democrats. Carly is well spoken, actually ANSWERS difficult questions, and can hold her own in any situation. She easily won the early debate; if the GOP cannot see that as long as Hillary is the Democratic Nominee, that Carly HAS to be on the ticket then the Republicans need new leadership.

It was a gimmick when Walter Mondale tabbed Geraldine Ferraro as his VP nominee. Do not get me wrong, the late Ms. Ferraro was a fine candidate, but this election was already decided. Mondale was going to get smashed by the Reagan train no matter what.

Most of the republicans would like to forget John McCain bringing Sarah Palin to the forefront.

I can guarantee that in the two debates Thursday night the candidates faced more difficult questions than any Democratic debate in the last 3 election cycles. Most of the 17 people in the two debates have had nothing to do with the current situation in which our county finds itself. Yet they were being grilled as if they were caught red handed standing over the murder victim with the smoking gun in hand.

Donald Trump is a problem for the Republican party. Trump is appealing to an angry mob. The statistics on Trump’s support shows that the majority is uneducated males earning less than 50,000. Trump’s mouth and RINO status will eventually lead to his frontrunner status falling apart. Where Trump will be most dangerous is when he decides to run as an independent candidate. This type of reaction has never fared well for the Republican party. In 1912 Teddy Roosevelt ran under the Bull Moose party and split the vote with William Howard Taft, and that gave the US Woodrow Wilson. For my money easily the worst President the US has ever seen. Return to 1992 and H Ross Perot splits the voting and we find ourselves with Bill Clinton. I am hopeful that history will not repeat itself.

I am not taking anything of substance from the first debate, other than Carly needs to be on the main stage next time. The  first debate with Mondale and Reagan, Reagan did not perform as well as was expected of him. The second debate Reagan came back and delivered one of the best debates ever and with his response of not holding Mondale’s youth and inexperience against him, even Mondale himself was laughing.

Chris Christie, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush (especially you Jeb) please get off the stage. You are either not electable or you will do something so stupid as to embarrass us worse than the current president. Actually I will save my rant for Jeb later.

I want to hear more from Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. I will listen a bit more to Kasich and Walker. But the rest I am of the opinion you are not electable. Pick someone besides Trump to throw your support behind and get out of the way.