First of a series of open letters….to the political class

Dear Political ruling class

I want to thank you for your service for deciding that on the backs of the american people you have been able to enrich yourselves while sending most of this country into poverty.

The founding fathers all wanted to serve, to do their civic duty, and then GO HOME and return to their lives as businessmen, farmers, builders etc. not to stay in Washington. Politician was not supposed to be a career choice.

It’s funny – if you look at any poll on careers and public perception – restaurants, computers, and farming are looked at as most favorable. Telecom, Sports, and the film industry are generally neutral, and then guess what is ALWAYS near the bottom – oil and gas industry, real estate, and the Federal Government.

Here we go again. when i was young and growing up there were many differences in the two main parties, now i really do not think that we have two parties, we have one – and it is the party of the political incumbents. We have just entered the debate season, well the Republicans have, we are still waiting for the democrats to decide if and when they want to make Hillary answer questions. wait i am sorry we know that won’t happen – what was i thinking.

so please political ruling class – look in the mirror – and for once quit telling yourselves when you look in the mirror how great you are, because you are not. Try helping someone else for once.

Anyway i will try not to sound like a broken record here or just ranting and raving, but i am tired of all of your shenanigans.

kindest regards



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