where does the time go

blink and you miss something. trying to find my online voice again. i have not had a lot of time to interact on things and comment accordingly. i have a lot of things that just eat up time, then its just a hamster on a wheel, i run like crazy and i cannot get anywhere. i am sure that i am the only one that is experiencing things like this.

i know that once i finish my house that things will settle into some sort of new routine, but how do you define a sense of normalcy? there is more than just get up get everyone off to school, go to work, get everyone home from school, go to bed – repeat ad naseum.

will having more space differentiate things? who knows. sorry for the rambling thoughts. when you are starved for adult conversation, you talk to yourself quite a bit, and you look and feel like a dummy.


hope that everyone has a blessed day.