Q’s cool structure of the day

I have some extra time this morning to create a post, and one of the things I have always been fascinated by has been Architecture and Engineering. I studied engineering at the university, and took a couple of elective classes on architecture.  Architects are the dreamers and the planners that have outstanding ideas, engineers are some of the people that figure out how to build those dreams.

we will start with the Egyptian Pyramids.

the Pyramids are one of the oldest structures left on the planet. the internal structure is basically all that is left, as the casing stones have long since fallen off or been repurposed for other things. The pyramids were built around 4500 years ago, and for more than 3800 years were the tallest man made structure – referring to the Great Pyramid.

the Giza Necropolis contains most of the more famous and recognizable pyramids, though there are other sites in Egypt that have pyramids.

there are a lot of theories on the construction of these structures. Most modern thoughts now are that they were constructed by a large group of highly skilled laborers.

the survey crews that set out the base were very accurate considering the available instruments. the corners line up with the cardinal points of the compass (true north not magnetic north), and the longest error on side length is 58mm. The deviation from the cardinal points is 12 seconds of arc. In other words these are probably set to north more accurate than homes being built today.

i hope to one day see the pyramids in person.