It Was 20 Years Ago Today- Kurt Cobain Found Dead-April 5th, 2014


It is hard to believe how time flies-but it was 20 years ago today that Kurt Cobain was found dead. Nirvana was without doubt the most influential group of their time. I remember the day well. If I recall it was a Friday. After school I went to teach a homebound student and then headed home. I came in and turned the tv on to MTV and Kurt Loder was talking about Kurt Cobain’s death. I can’t say it was shocking. There were reports a couple months earlier about Cobain having attempted suicide in Rome.

  It is too bad Kurt Cobain couldn’t see it through. Obviously he wasn’t meant for the spotlight. I wish he had been able to do what John Lennon had done in the middle-to late 1970’s, just step away from it all.

  Kurt Cobain would have been 47 now. I have no idea if he had decided on living what his life/career would have been like. Would Nirvana continued to be a great success? Had he already peaked? If Cobain had decided that life was the best option, here is how I see it. In the summer of ’94 Cobain breaks up Nirvana and does the John Lennon thing. He spends years away from the spotlight. Maybe he decides never to return to music. Maybe he is the rock music version of Bobby Fischer. Rumors every year or so that he is working on new material, that he has stockpiles of material that are unreleased.

  I remember the day after Cobain’s passing, going to a ballgame with several friends. The topic of conversation right away was Cobain’s death. One friend took the view [and he was/is no fan of rock music] that it was just as well, another junkie bites the dust. My other friend and I saw it as being incredibly sad. From what I have read about Cobain, it seems like he was a decent enough fellow who just had a terrible time with fame. Some handle it better than others. I wish he could have just walked away from the music and lived.

 I liked Nirvana, had all their albums. “Nevermind” of course is their classic but the album that I continue to go back to is the Unplugged MTV album which is haunting.

PS- Marrying the Yoko Ono of his generation, Courtney Love was not a good career/life move.