o galveston…nothing suprises me

i read this story today about former Houston Astro – Brandon Backe – http://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/bayarea/news/article/Ex-Astro-says-police-ruined-pitching-career-5368734.php?t=60aaf4d8b4b37d840b


now let me be perfectly clear – i was not at this event, i did not witness this event, therefore i will make no judgement on that.

i will say this about the city of galveston and galveston county – in my humble opinion – pound for pound there MAY not be a more corrupt area in the US. i lived along the Texas coast most of my life and while the fishing was always worth the time, sometimes the water was not. anyway in 2003 i became a resident of galvatraz (as we called it). i lived in the east end historical district and enjoyed the climate and the ability to walk to downtown and enjoy the pace of life there. the problem in the east end however is that while there are many victorian homes built from 1885-1910 there are many that have absentee owners or owners that are just a bit above slum lords. some areas and homes in the east end are immaculate and museum quality, others i would not have given to become animal shelters.

the galvestonians have an insiders club of BOI – born on island. and if you are BOI then you are better than anyone else. (so they think). at one time galvatraz was a great place. i was hoping that hurricane ike would have blown away a lot of things and galvatraz could reinvent itself, but that was merely wishful thinking.

now one of my esteemed neighbors took it upon themselves to open a rather fast paced business by dealing drugs. all hours of the night with traffic really picking up around pay day. heres the fun part – the police station and the county jail were 2 blocks away. (the jail facility has since moved into a new building and location) so on my strolls through the neighborhood i would see officers and deputies having a smoke break. casually i would ask them if they believed in enforcing the laws. and of course they did, but when it came to moving off of their rear ends to go shut down the crack house – nope could not be bothered. provided pictures, video and other such things, nope citizen we know better.

once a police officer backed into one of my vehicles – and proceeded to drive off. when i stepped out in the street and started trying to get his attention, which i did succeed as he drove around the block and returned to me. i asked him why he hit my car and drove off – when i was told that he did not hit my car. when i showed him the color differences in his white painted car and my green painted car and the fact that the paints were now upon each car – he sighed and called his supervisor, who showed up promptly and again informed me that my car was not hit. i filed a formal complaint on both, but nothing ever happened with it.

i have other anecdotes but those i will save for later.

anyway it is my sincere hope that if indeed the county is found to be at fault for causing the injury to Mr. Backe – that he is given so much money that makes the county and the police take notice. generally only a slap in the face or the wallet makes one see the light.