just put your head down and go to work

ever look around and try to figure out what you are doing? sounds dumb – but if you do not realize what you are doing and the ramifications and/or the potential hazards of what you are doing, you may not realize what is going on around you. and i think sometimes thats a good thing.

i am a single parent of two children. not by my choice, but that is the case. many others have faced this situation, and others will also follow this path in the future, so i know that i am not special. i do what i can to make sure that they are provided for, and that we can take care of things. its not easy; fortunately i have an understanding boss, and also a job that i can be just as productive at home and i am at the office.

to others in this situation – my hat is off to you, but trust me you can and will make it. just keep your head down and work as hard as you can.


all the best today.