what would it take

i am not what would be labeled a conspiracy theorist. i do think that there are some good people out there, and i think that there are some bad people as well. free will allows for that.

the other day a work colleague showed me a video that he had found on the net of ‘ufos’. i am no aviation expert, but i have several of the jane’s books on aircraft, and i know the differences in most of the military planes that i have witnessed. now i could not tell you the difference in say a G model of the f-14 tomcat versus the J model. (i know that we have retired the f-14 but it is one of the most recognizable planes of the last few years) but you get the gist of what i am saying.

anyway during the viewing of this video i told him that i did not believe what i was seeing was real. and he asked me if it were directly outside and we could witness it live instead of on video would i believe it then? i conceded that if that were the case i would pretty much have to.

i do believe that we have visited the moon. in fact i have met many of the surviving astronauts who made that journey. aldrin, bean, gordon, mitchell, shepherd, duke, cernan – and the men that helped them get there, kraft, krantz, lunney et al. and there is no way with the passion that these men have that these events were fabricated.

the colleague further asked if ‘bigfoot’ were outside in the parking lot would i believe that it was real as well? again i guess if i saw it with my own eyes i would pretty much have to.

what about your thoughts? have we become so jaded behind camera tricks and photo manipulation that we do not believe anything we see?