Marilyn Monroe- Born This Day 1926

Marilyn Monroe was born on this day in 1926-87 years ago today. Marilyn Monroe is of course a cultural icon. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson.  Her story is well known. Dead at the age of 36. She probably died at the right time to become the icon she is today. Beautiful woman no doubt but highly overrated. Had she lived I think it would only have been a life of decline. She was passed her peak when she died under mysterious circumstances. She clearly had a lot of issues. I’ve always wondered about some of these people- James Dean, Monroe, JFK…had they lived how would we look at them today? They died young. They will be forever young. I think of say Elvis and John Lennon a little differently-they had a greater body of work.

My favourite Marilyn quote was after performing before thousands of troops and receiving tremendous applause she said to second husband Joe DiMaggio “You have no idea what it is like.” to which the great DiMaggio replied “Yes, I do.”