Ike On General Dan Sickles- The “Hero” Of Gettysburg-{According To Sickles Himself}

Who was Ike’s least favorite Gettysburg Battlefield commander? That distinction belongs to General Dan Sickles. Read why Ike reserved his most disparaging criticism for this ever colorful and scandalous New York congressman and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient in this week’s IKE BLOG post: http://www.nps.gov/eise/parknews/ike-blog.htm

The 150th anniversary of Gettysburg is now one month away. They have big plans for that week in Gettysburg. I have been to Gettysburg more times than I can count {I’ve been there at least once-17 years in a row. most years a few times a year, one year as many as 7 times.} I would love to head up there next month and spend a few days and take in a lot of the programs they are offering that week but I am thinking it is going to be super crowded and I really am not a big fan of crowds.

Anyway- 150 years ago Dan Sickles, a political general and one of the more interesting people to read about from that era-made a colossal blunder at Gettysburg by taking his men down into the Peach Orchard. Sickles would end up losing a leg. Sickles was a scoundrel for sure in his personal life. I just read what the great General/President Dwight Eisnehower thought about Sickles. Interesting stuff. Recommended reading “Sickles The Incredible” by W.A. Swanberg.

link to article “Ike on Sickles” below



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    • I agree its a wonder someone hasn’t taken up that project. A book has never been better titled–Sickles the Incredible!

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