Joe DiMaggio Makes His Major League Debut- This Day 1936

On this day in 1936 Joe DiMaggio made his major league debut with the New York Yankees as their new centerfielder. DiMaggio would miss playing with Babe Ruth who left the Yankees after 1934 but he did play with the great Lou Gehrig. DiMaggio’s career would span until the early 1950’s when the next great centerfielder would come along-Mickey Mantle. Joe D. was one of the greatest all around players in baseball history. During his era he was the best overall player. Ted Williams was the greatest hitter, Joe D. the greatest player. A great read on Joe D the biography that came out a decade ago by the great Richard Ben Cramer. DiMaggio was a great ballplayer. As a person he was very strange. The one thing I did like about him as a person is he kept his private life to himself and his thoughts to himself. He wasn’t the kid of guy who was going to get on Oprah.