Brooklyn Dodgers Owner Walter O’Malley Announces Dodgers Will Move To Los Angeles This Day 1957

On this day in 1957 Walter O’Malley the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers announced that he was moving his baseball team from New York to Los Angeles after private investors agree to build a new stadium for the team in Chavez Ravine. The New York Giants would also leave for California-going to San Francisco, leaving New York City to the Yankees. The move by O’Malley would be a brilliant business move. The ballpark that would be built- Dodger Stadium is still in use. Dodger Stadium now is the third oldest ballpark in the Major Leagues and remains a jewel. Moving the Dodgers from Brooklyn though would make O’Malley one of the most hated men in America. He would be a villain in New York. Some old codger in New York once said that the three most evil men of the 20th century were “Hitler, Stalin and O’Malley and not necessarily in that order.”

There is no question that when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles that the O’Malley’s- Walter and then his son Peter who would take over the team in the 1970’s ran the model baseball organization. They did things the right way and they filled the ballpark. The Dodgers haven’t been to the World Series since the O’Malley’s owned them. Their last trip being 25 years ago which is hard to believe.