Winston Churchill Knighted By Queen Elizabeth II- This Day 1953

On this day in 1953 Winston Churchill became Sir Winston Churchill as he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. At the time he was in his second go around as Prime Minister. I remember at a young age when I started to become fanatical about history- reading about World War II and how Winston Churchill was voted out of office at the end of World War II and finding it impossible to believe. Winston Churchill was one of the great war time leaders in history- and he was rewarded at the end of the war by being booted out. In American history I can remember George H.W. Bush’s approval ratings were through the roof after Gulf War I in 1991. A year later Bush was beat by Bill Clinton and sent home. He looked unbeatable just a year before. Bush looked so unbeatable all the top democrats bowed out of the race early, all except Sweet Ole Bill. Lesson learned-things can change quickly in politics.