greatest athlete to wear number 11

I will get to reference these movie lines twice in the coming days .

Doc Dizzy – *shakes his head* “Number 11, that’s a bad luck number, don’t want to go into that”

Roy Hobbs – “How about 9?”

Doc Dizzy – “9, well you got me. 9 it is.”

the number 11, it would seem is a bad luck number for a lot. figuring as the countdown would wind down that it would be harder and harder to pick, but this one came pretty easy.

football gives us Phil Simms, Danny White, old school Norm van Brocklin, and of course the Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald.

basketball is where the chase began to tighten up – Bob McAdoo, Isiah Thomas, and the Big E – Elvin Hayes.

baseball gives us King Carl Hubbell, Lefty Gomez, Sparky Anderson, and Paul Waner.

hockey is where this one will go with Mark Messier. 6 Stanley Cups, second all time in points.


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