2013 NFL Mock Draft By SLICETHELIFE- Round 1-Selection 17- Pittsburgh Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers were 8-8 last year, missed the playoffs and lost to the lowly Cleveland Browns [which happens about every time Halley’s Comet appears} I am a Steelers fan and there is no way of getting around it, the Steelers are in a rebuilding mode right now. If past history proves anything it is that the Steelers may have a down year or two but they rebuild quickly. In the past the Steelers have moved veteran players out of the way because they have young players ready to take their place. The problem right now is there are veterans who have been moved or should be moved but no one is shoving them out the door because of excellent play.  The Steelers have cap issues and have done some bleeding in the off-season without adding much help. That had injury and character issues with their draft choices last year. They need those guys to come through this year and they need some players in this years draft to immediately step up and help. Mike Wallace is gone. Mike Wallace was frustrating but he was the deep threat. Rashad Mendenhall from the University of the Talaban is gone and he was a disappointment but he was their best running back. They could also use help at cornerback, safety and defensive tackle.

With the 17th pick in the First Round the Pittsburgh Steelers take Tavon Austin WR West Virginia 5-8 1/2 174 4.34 40.  The Steelers need offensive weapons in the worst way. Their running backs are the Huey Lewis and The News of the NFL [very pedestrian} They have no deep threat at WR and their tight end Heath Miller is coming off a bad injury. They need someone explosive. Austin is small but a big play-home run threat any time he touches the ball. The Steelers need energy on offense-this guy will step right in and provide that. Get the ball in his hands.