2013 Mock Draft – Pick 18 Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys problems start at the very top – until Jerry Jones gets out of the way the Cowboys will be a shell of their potential. They just committed a kings ransom to Tony Romo. Although Tony Romo sacked without fumbling is sometimes the best result on a drop back, the Cowboys need to protect that investment. I was hoping that D J Fluker would be on the board here, but he is long gone.

So looking for the best available offensive lineman  Рhonestly at turnstile may be more of an impediment than the current interior line play Рthe Cowboys will end up with Jonathan Cooper here.

Cooper is 6’2″ 311. He needs the strength regimen to improve his bulk and overall power, but he will be a great pick here for the Cowboys.

With the 18th selection the Dallas Cowboys will pick Jonathan Cooper, Guard, North Carolina


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  1. Jerry Jones will only get out of the way when he’s 6 feet under… I hope he lives forever though..as long as he is the Cowboys owner..they are screwed..

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