2013 American League Central Division Predictions

The American League Central looks to be the weakest division in baseball. It features two of the three worst teams in baseball-the Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros.

1- Detroit Tigers. The Tigers should again win this division. They have the best pitcher in baseball and the best hitter in baseball in Justin Verlander and Miggy Cabrera. They have a fine overall team and I think they will be back in the World Series in October.

2. Chicago White Sox. The White Sox were a pleasant surprise last year under first year manager Robin Ventura. I see them finishing up in the mid-80’s in wins and being a contender for a playoff wildcard spot.

3-Kansas City Royals. The Royals have been pathetic for a long time. They acquired one of the best pitchers in the league in James Shields but traded away a young player many consider the top minor league prospect in the game in Wil Myers. Stupid and shortsided move. It’s not like they were that move away from making the playoffs or anything. They will end up with another losing season. The KC Royals are Pittsburgh Pirates Light.

4. Cleveland Indians. The Indians aren’t going anywhere. A pitching staff whose ace is Justin Masterson has issues. They will win their share of games against the lowly Twins and Astros and will finish with around 75 wins.

5. Minnesota Twins. What happened to those Twin teams of the recent past? Looking at their roster I don’t know who is going to lose more the Twins- Astros or Marlins. All 3 should lose in the 100 game region. They do have a few exciting prospects though.

6. Houston Astros. Welcome the the American League. I think its a crime that the Astros were forced by the Jimmy Carter of Baseball Commissioners to the American League. The Brewers should have been the team to go-they came from the American League but Bud Selig was an old Milwaukee Braves fan and he owned the Brewers so he wouldn’t let them go back. The Astros are going to be awful. They will lose 100 games or more but at least they are bottoming out. The only way is up.

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