The Greatest Athlete To Wear #35 {Frank Thomas}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #35 is The Big Hurt- Frank Thomas.

Notable #35’s- in baseball-Phil Niekro the most famous knuckleball pitcher of all- and a winner of over 300 games in his career. Mike Mussina was one of the finest pitchers of his time. He’s one of those borderline Hall of Famer types. A fine pitcher I think he comes up a bit short on the Hall of Fame though.Sal Maglie is worth mentioning for his nickname alone- Sal “The Barber” Maglie- in the 1950’s he was known as a pitcher who wasn’t afraid of throwing close to a hitter. He was also a fine pitcher with the Giants. Manny Sanguillen was an fine catcher for the my Pirates in the 1970’s. The best catcher in Pirates history. In hockey- Tony Esposito was one of the best goalies of his era and a Hockey Hall of Famer. In football- John Henry Johnson played 13 years in the NFL as a running back. He’s in the Hall of Fame. Bill Dudley was a Hall of Fame defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 1940’s. Alan “The Horse” Ameche- scored the winning touchdown in overtime of the 1958 NFL Championship Game. He had been a Heisman Trophy winner in 1954. Aeneas Williams was one of the best cornerbacks in the 1990’s too bad he had to play his career with the Arizona Cardinals. He never got the publicity that was his due.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #35 is Frank Thomas. Frank Thomas had a great great first half of his career. He was being compared to the greatest hitters of all-time by the age of 30 and the stats back that up. But Frank was a big man and if you look at it guys like him tend to peak early. He was a great power hitter and average hitter the first part of his career. The average started to fall. He ended up with outstanding numbers. He played with a number of teams but will be remembered for his time with the White Sox. I think he will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is also one of the few of his era who I don’t think juiced [along with Junior Griffey}