Neil Diamond ‘Sweet Caroline”- Live

Neil Diamond-turns 72 today. “Sweet Caroline” is a great great song. My favourite Neil Diamond tune. Here is Neil Diamond Live- “Sweet Caroline”

link to song below

4 responses to “Neil Diamond ‘Sweet Caroline”- Live

  1. Like the song, but Neil Diamond is a piece of work. I haven’t been able to enjoy it after meeting the man. He played at the arena when I was running the back stage. He told me that under no circumstances were my staff to make eye contact with him. He travelled around back stage with his “wedge” of security, and I was supposed to fire anyone who looked him in the eye. Give me a break!

    • I would never want to meet most of these people.. that does not surprise me about him from the things i’ve read over the years! what a jerk!!

    • That is great to hear. I love hearing the stories about guys like Johnny Depp- who when he is out with friends and they run up a $5k bill…leave a 5K tip.. or a Bill Murray who is a notoriously generous tipper.. then you hear about guys like Michael Jordan who never leaves a tip.. I figure if Neil Diamond had some regular job..he’d still be a jerk.

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