Singer-Songwriter Neil Diamond 72 Today

Neil Diamond turns 72 today. Neil Diamond has released  31 studio albums during his career which began back in the mid-1960’s. He’s also had 37 Top 40 hits and has sold 75 million albums world wide. Neil Diamond is kind of underrated. I remember when I was young thinking he was kind of a joke but when I got older and listened to some of his older stuff I thought “This guy was pretty great.” My favourite Neil Diamond song has to be “Sweet Caroline” which reached #4 on the charts in 1969. I’d rank that song in my personal Top 100 all time songs. Neil wrote and performed a lot of great stuff in the late 1960s to late 1970’s. I think where he really jumped the shark was the #1 hit duet with Babs Streisand “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” which has to be one of the lamest songs ever. But I figure anyone can have a bad moment now and then. With Neil Diamond the great songs far out number the lame. “Solitary Man”, “Shilo” “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”, “Kentucky Woman”, “Crackin’ Rosie”, “I Am..I Said”, “I’m A Believer”-[which The Monkees had a huge hit with} the list of great Neil Diamond songs goes on and on. Neil Diamond is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At age 72 he’s still putting out some pretty  good music. It’s not ‘cool’ to be a Neil Diamond fan but I would count myself as a fan. A guilty pleasure- Neil Diamond.