“Cold Love” Donna Summer {Live On The Tom Snyder Show}

File:Donna Summer-The Wanderer (album cover).jpg

Donna Summer was born on this day in 1948.

Below a link to my favourite Donna Summer song “Cold Love” performed live on Tom Snyder’s Show.

My favourite Donna Summer story. My friend Dale hated Disco. We were both into the same music-rock-new wave- punk.. we had heard about The Jam but hadn’t actually HEARD them before. He came over to the house one evening and I told him- ‘Listen to this I found an album by The Jam- I put the needle down on “Cold Love” His face lights up- “This is great” then Donna Summer’s voice comes on- and he has this look of bewilderment. 30 plus years later I will bring that up to him….and he still won’t talk about it. This is a great song.