Donna Summer- The Queen Of Disco- Born This Day 1948

Donna Summer was born on this day in 1948. Donna Summer was called The Queen of Disco. I admit to having hated disco music but there were two artists who were associated with Disco that I did like- The Bee Gees and Donna Summer. Donna Summer had a ten year run where about everything she released was a hit record. She had a total of 20 Top 40 singles in America. She had 4 #1’s-“MacArthur Park”, “Hot Stuff”, “Bad Girls” and “No More Tears”-a duet with Barbara Streisand.

The two Donna Summer albums that I loved were 1979’s “Bad Girls” and 1980’s “The Wanderer” Both of those albums although disco also threw in a mixture of rock and soul. My favourite Donna Summer song  was one that wasn’t a big hit “Cold Love” off of “The Wanderer” which only reached #33 on the charts. {I loved “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff” which are close runners-up for my favourite Donna Summer song}

Donna Summer was the first artist to have 3 double albums that all reached #1 on the album chart. Donna Summer was named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just a couple weeks ago. Too bad she didn’t live to see that day. She died in May 2012 of lung cancer. She believed she developed the illness by inhaling toxic particles following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City.