Roberto Clemente Gets His 3000th Career Hit- 40 Years Ago Today/ Video Of The Hit

On this day 40 years ago, September 30th, 1972 Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates doubled off of Mets pitcher Jon Matlack for his 3000th career hit. Sadly, it would be the last regular season hit of his career. The great Roberto Clemente would die on New Years Eve 1972 on a plane that was taking relief supplies to earthquake striken Nicaragua.

I remember it well, I didn’t get to see it though. It was a weekday game. I was in school the 6th grade. On the way home from school I stopped into the neighborhood grocery store and head that Roberto had gotten his 3000th. I waited a couple hours for the news to come on and see the replay

Below is a link to Roberto’s 3000th hit. The broadcaster is “The Gunner” Bob Prince the Pirates great announcer .