The 12th Presidential Election In United States History-1832 President Andrew Jackson VS Henry Clay

The 1832 Presidential Election would be between the incumbant President Andrew Jackson and the National Republican nominee Henry Clay.

The current Vice-President John C. Calhoun would no longer be on the ticket. His relationship with President Jackson had soured and Martin Van Buren of New York would be his replacement as the Vice-Presidential candidate.

1832 was the first time that National Conventions came into being. The first National Convention was the Anti-Masonic Party who held theirs in Baltimore, Maryland in September 1831 and nominated William Wirt to be their candidate. The National Republican and the Democratic Parties also held their conventions in Baltimore. The National Republican’s would nominate Henry Clay for President. Former Attorney General John Sergeant would be his running mate. The Democrats would nominate President Andrew Jackson for a second term.

The Anti-Masonic Party was a third party but with their convention they introduced a few things that would become the norm for politican parties at their conventions, they would have a rules committee and a party platform.

POTUS Jackson who was viewed as a friend of the common man, was attacked though as King Andrew I for the way in which he ran the presidency. With the death of his wife shortly after his election in 1828 Jackson was increasingly moody. Most people just went along with what he wanted because they were scared of what would happen if they angered the man. The National Republican’s spread rumors about his mental and physical health. They would attack him as being anti-religion because he travelled on Sunday’s.

below Henry Clay



The American people had a hard time getting interested in this election for a couple reasons. One, the main issue was the Bank of the United States which Jackson hated and wanted to get rid of.  Jackson also hated paper money. He was in favor of coins. This wasn’t an issue that got the people going. Also in the summer of 1832 there was a  deadly cholera outbreak in the eastern part of the United States. The people were more concerned about this than an election.

The 1832 election in the end wasn’t even close. POTUS Andrew Jackson easily won re-election. In the popular vote he received 54.2%, Clay 37.4%, William Wirt 7 %.  In the Electoral College Jackson 219 with 16 states in his column. Henry Clay 49 electoral votes and he won 6 states. John Floyd who was not even running won in South Carolina and got 11 electoral votes and William Wirt 7 electoral votes and 1 state.



Henry Clay would run again, and continue to lose. He is probably the most prominant politician who never won the presidency. I would think he would have made a good and possibly great president. He is regarded as one of the great members of Congress ever. He’d be on the Mount Rushmore of Congress. The presidency just didn’t happen.