Ten overrated things/people

In no order- Ten highly overrated things/people.

1. President Kennedy. I don’t think America has ever recovered from his assassination. It was one of those turning points in history. Kennedy was an average president. He didn’t get to finish his 3rd year as president let alone his first term. No doubt he would have won re-election in 1964. If he had lived maybe he would have been a great president. Maybe he wouldn’t have. The evidence is not there to rank him as a great one. But if you ask ten people on the street or at your local mall the question “Name 5ive great presidents most likely you will hear the name “Kennedy” mentioned. Like a lot of people who die tragically young- James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Jim Morrison , Princess Diana etc.. they not only stay forever young but their greatness seems to be exaggerated. I think in 50 years when everyone alive will have no memory of JFK there will be a better evaluation of him as president.  His high water mark had to be 1-his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis and his role in getting a man to the moon by the end of the 1960’s. The Bay of Pigs was a disaster and his reckless behavior with women [especially Judith Exner} left him open to all kinds of problems. The whole Kennedy clan is overrated. American royalty my ass.

2-Seinfeld. Seinfeld was a good show. I have probably seen every episode of Seinfeld. It’s hard to avoid but one of the greatest television shows of all time? I think not. It’s not even in the top 25.  I have heard so many people claim it was the funniest show ever, the greatest sitcom? Really? I think its one of the top 100 shows ever but more towards 100 than 1. And a lot of people even get the key character in the show wrong. People rave about the one dimensional Kramer. The key to the show was George.

3-Radiohead. The critics darlings. I buy three month music magazines-Q, Uncut and Mojo and if Radiohead releases a new CD two things are guaranteed, Radiohead or Thom York will be on the cover of the mag and the CD will get a rave review. My wife has all the Radiohead albums. I have over  the years listened to a lot of Radiohead. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it.

4.Notre Dame Football. The Kings of Overrated. Every year you can count on a few things. 1- Notre Dame’s recruiting class will receive rave reviews. 2- Notre Dame will be ranked fairly high in the pre season rankings. There will be talk about ‘This will be the year Notre Dame returns to prominence. 3- Every year Notre Dame disappoints [well disappoints if you are a fan-I am not} Last year they had an extremely weak schedule and they still messed things up. 4-Also whoever is the Notre Dame quarterback will be highly over rated. Remember in recent history- Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen. If you watched the games and listened to the Notre Dame homer announcers you’d think Johnny Unitas had been reincarnated and were now playing for the Irish.. Notre Dame football has been mediocre for 20 years. They will continue to be.

5-Woodstock. I am sick of hearing about Woodstock. If I had been of age at that time the last place I’d have wanted to be would have been there. I’ve heard stories of people who went, when they came home the next day they complained about the whole affair….then magically when the media started making something out of it they changed their tune. It was a rock concert it wasn’t the second coming.

6.Andy Warhol. Garbage art. Andy himself one of the most boring human beings ever. If you doubt that read “The Andy Warhol Diaries” what a petty, small, incredibly boring human being. That book came out back in the day when if I started a book I finished it. I lugged the Andy Warhol Diaries around forever. It was big enough to give you a hernia. Along with “Mein Kampf” the most boring reads ever.

7.Prom. The most overhyped event of high school.  Imagine all the money that is spent on prom dresses every year? Probably larger than the budgets of some countries and for what? A giant waste of time. I know high school students who have their prom date lined up a year in advance. Cinderella was fiction. The prom is the big nothing.

8. Princess Diana. It was tragic that she died so young. But did she ever see a camera she didn’t love? Did she ever do anything quietly behind the scenes without television cameras recording every moment?  There was nothing special about this person. She wasn’t interesting. But I guess when compared to the rest of the Royal Family she was. What a dull group that is.

9.The movie “The Titanic” I know its the highest money making movie of all times.  It is also 3 plus hours that I will never get back. The only two scenes worth watching the Kate Winslet scene and when Jack drowned.  This was a 2 star movie not a classic for all times.

10. Oprah Winfrey. I could never stand this woman. She is great at self promotion and making money. The three most self congratulating things/people I can think of -Oprah/ ESPN and MTV.  I doubt I ever saw a complete Oprah but I saw enough bits and pieces of it. Her whole show to me seemed to be centered about promoting Oprah and what a wonderful person she was. The woman even has her own magazine-and puts herself on the cover of the magazine each month. It was a day of celebration when she went off the air. And that whole last year was one long orgy of self congratulations. Shameless.

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  1. i agree with most of these. kennedys, i have to admit i have never seen a full seinfeld show (i tried to watch it once and it just did not click), i do not know any songs of radiohead, notre dame football agree 100%.

    pretty much i cannot argue with anything but princess diana. she like the camera and the camera liked her; i think that is what made the difference. camilla parker-bowles is as attractive as diana was and that is why there are very few mentions of her imho.

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