Benjamin Harrison becomes first president to attend a baseball game

On this date in 1892 Benjamin Harrison [one of more forgettable presidents} became the first president to attend a baseball game. He saw Washington play Cincinnati. Harrison’s grandfather- William Henry Harrison was also president. He was the one who died after 30 days in office. Benjamin-was known as the “Human iceberg” due to his lack of personality and coldness. I’ve read a lot about our presidents and he might be the last one you’d want to meet.

William Howard Taft [one of the most likeable of men} was the first president to throw out the first pitch at the opening day of the baseball season. The only president since who never threw out the first pitch at least once was of course Jimmy Carter. Taft is also credited with being the person who started the 7th inning stretch. He may or may not have started this though. Legend has it Taft was at a ball game. In the middle of the 7th inning he was uncomfortable in his wooden seat [remember Taft weighted 300 pounds and seats back then generally were smaller than they are now- people were smaller then} Taft stands up. The people at the game think he is standing up to leave so they all stand up to.

The most uncomfortable/awkward moment with a president and baseball was in 1979 when my Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series- President Carter [history’s greatest monster} called to congratulate manager Chuck Tanner on the victory. Carter who was noted as a non-sports fan seemed very out of his element [hey just like he was clearly out of his element as president}

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