Graceland opens- 30 years ago today.

On this date in 1982,  Priscilla Presley opened Graceland to the public. I’ve been to Graceland. It’s worth seeing once. I  see tickets  to just see the Mansion is now  $32. The VIP Tour is $70. Gulp.  Graceland is cheesy. I found it hard not to laugh a lot at the whole thing. I remember I was listening to the radio that August day when they came across and said ” A bulletin in from Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Presley has died at the age of 42.” My first thought was ‘He was old what did you expect” Of course I realize now 42 is awfully young. Elvis lost his way. He wasn’t equipped to handle his fame. Who would have known he would become even more famous in his death.

One of the great quotes of all time was after Elvis had died, someone asked his manager Col. Thomas Parker {a real snake oil salesman}  “Now that Elvis is dead what will you do?” Parker’s reply “Manage Elvis”

One of the worst jobs in the world by the way has to be-in the Elvis Gift Shop across the street from Graceland. All they played was Elvis. Can you imagine coming to work everyday and having to listen to Elvis non-stop all day, every day? Elvis was never one of my all time favorites but I like his music and the boy could sure sing.

I love Memphis. It’s a gritty city. If you go there yes go to Graceland. See the “Love Wall’ outside of Graceland. Visit Elvis’s grave. Pay the money and take a tour of the mansion but also go to Sun Studios- where Sam Phillips invented rock and roll. Elvis, Jerry Lee, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich etc.  Also go to the National Civil Rights Museum- the old Lorraine Motel-where Martin King was assassinated. Go to Beale Street. And eat a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich. Elvis would if he was still alive.