Today in history-it was 45 years ago today..

On this date back in 1967 The Beatles released their most famous album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” In every critics poll I’ve ever seen “Sgt’ Pepper” is always named the best album of all time. I think it is a classic. It was probably the most influential album ever. Not only the music but the album cover itself. It was also the first album to include the lyrics to the songs. I think of all the music the Beatles made it is their most dated album. It sounds like a time piece. “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” from 1965-66 to me sounds fresh, Pepper doesn’t for the most part. It does contain arguable their greatest masterpiece “A Day In The Life” But having said that it does rank in my all time Top 25 albums. I just think its a tad overrated.

I was too young to remember when it was released but they say back in the Summer of Love- 1967 it was impossible to escape hearing Sgt.Pepper. A great variety of music on this album. Imagine how much greater this album would have been if  in my opinion their greatest single “Strawberry Fields Forever”/”Penny Lane would have been included. Those songs were recorded around the same period of time but The Beatles just chose to release those songs as a single instead of including it on an album. No singles were released from the Sgt.Pepper album. “Sgt’ Pepper” was also the first Beatle album release after they quit being a touring band and became a studio band.

“Sgt. Pepper”  I believe is the most IMPORTANT album of all times, the most influential but not the greatest music. If that makes sense.