Top 5ive Overrated things about summer

I am not a big fan over summer. In Ohio we have the 4 seasons.The others I enjoy. The 5ive most overrated things about summer. 5-Going to the swimming pool. I haven’t been to a swimming pool in 40 some years. Everyone gets so excited about going to the pool when summer starts-by July you drive by a pool and you don’t see many people there. Too many bad things happen in a pool anyway.. 4-soaking up the ray.. too much sun isn’t good for you. i am not a fan at all of being in the sun. I’ve never had a tan in my life. 3-Fireworks. I have seen enough fireworks to last a lifetime. Seen one fireworks display you’ve seen them all…2-Going to the beach.. when I was a teenager we went on vacation to the ocean every year for like 5ive years. The only thing I liked about it was walking the beach. The rest of the experience I could live without. I haven’t been on a beach vacation in over 30 years. 1-The Heat. I know people who just love the hot weather. To me if it gets over 60 degrees its a heat wave. If you throw in humidity- I just want to stay inside all day in the AC..  I get excited around October knowing there will be 7 cool months.

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