Two 1960’s Icons born on this date in 1926

Two 1960’s icons were born on this date in 1926. Andy Griffith and Marilyn Monroe. 86 years ago. Last week President Kennedy would have been 95, as difficult to imagine JFK at 95 it is impossible to think of Monroe at 85. Monroe died at 36. I tend to think if she had lived the years would not have been kind to her. {I don’t think the years would have been kind to Elvis either-can you imagine Elvis at 77?} Monroe, Elvis and James Dean all bigger in death than they were in life-like a lot of celebrities who die young.

 Growing up I loved watching Andy Griffith. I will get around to listing my Top 10 TV shows of all times someday -Andy Griffith has to be on that list. Classic TV- that show has been on the air nonstop for 50 plus years now. George “Goober” Lindsay died recently. Jim Nabors was too ill this week to show up at Indianapolis for his traditional singing of “Back Home Again In Indiana” Andy has had a number of health problems over the years. Don Knotts of course died a few years back. In my opinion the key to that show was Don Knotts. “Barney Fife “may be the greatest character in sitcom history.