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American Top 40- The 1960’s- Week Of December 2, 1967.

1 5 DAYDREAM BELIEVER –•– The Monkees (Colgems)-3 (1 week at #1) (1) A+
2 3 THE RAIN, THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS –•– The Cowsills (MGM)-10 (2) B-
3 1 INCENSE AND PEPPERMINTS –•– Strawberry Alarm Clock (Uni)-10 (1)B+
4 2 TO SIR WITH LOVE –•– Lulu (Epic)-13 (1) A
5 7 I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER –•– Dionne Warwick (Scepter)-7 (5) A
6 6 PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER –•– Bobby Vinton (Epic)-10 (6) C
7 4 SOUL MAN –•– Sam and Dave (Stax)-13 (2) A+
8 16 I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE –•– Gladys Knight and the Pips (Soul)-7 (8) A+
9 9 I CAN SEE FOR MILES –•– The Who (Decca)-8 (9) A+
10 18 AN OPEN LETTER TO MY TEENAGE SON –•– Victor Lundberg (Liberty)-4 (10)D

11 28 I SECOND THAT EMOTION –•– Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Tamla)-5 (11) A+
12 17 YOU BETTER SIT DOWN KIDS –•– Cher (Imperial)-6 (12) C
13 29 IN AND OUT OF LOVE –•– Diana Ross and the Supremes (Motown)-4 (13) B
14 19 LAZY DAY –•– Spanky and Our Gang (Mercury)-8 (14) B
15 20 BOOGALOO DOWN BROADWAY –•– The Fantastic Johnny C. (Phil-L.A. Of Soul)-9 (15)C
16 21 KEEP THE BALL ROLLIN’ –•– Jay and the Techniques (Smash)-7 (16)C
17 13 EVERLASTING LOVE –•– Robert Knight (Rising Sons)-10 (13)B
18 10 EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART –•– The Soul Survivors (Crimson)-14 (4)A
19 12 PATA PATA –•– Miriam Makeba (Reprise)-9 (12) B
20 37 (The Lights Went Out In) MASSACHUSETTS –•– The Bee Gees (Atco)-4 (20)A

21 8 IT MUST BE HIM –•– Vikki Carr (Liberty)-14 (3)B
22 23 STAG-O-LEE –•– Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)-5 (22)A
23 15 LET IT OUT (Let It All Hang Out) –•– The Hombres (Verve Forecast)-12 (12) A
24 44 SHE’S MY GIRL –•– The Turtles (White Whale)-4 (24)B
25 41 YESTERDAY –•– Ray Charles (ABC/TRC)-4 (25)A+
26 34 SKINNY LEGS AND ALL –•– Joe Tex (Dial)-6 (26)B
27 14 (Loneliness Made Me Realize) IT’S YOU THAT I NEED –•– The Temptations (Gordy)-8 (14) A
28 39 BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX –•– Glen Campbell (Capitol)-6 (28)A+
29 35 BEG, BORROW AND STEAL –•– The Ohio Express (Cameo)-9 (29) C
30 30 WATCH THE FLOWERS GROW –•– The Four Seasons (Philips)-6 (30)C

31 32 WILD HONEY –•– The Beach Boys (Capitol)-5 (31)A
32 59 WOMAN, WOMAN –•– The Union Gap Featuring Gary Puckett (Columbia)-3 (32)C
33 22 KENTUCKY WOMAN –•– Neil Diamond (Bang)-8 (22) A
34 26 GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY –•– The Mamas and the Papas (Dunhill)-6 (26)A
35 55 HONEY CHILE –•– Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (Gordy)-3 (35)A-
36 36 BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN –•– The Sunshine Company (Imperial)-7 (36)C
37 47 NEON RAINBOW –•– The Box Tops (Mala)-4 (37) A
38 38 MR. DREAM MERCHANT –•– Jerry Butler (Mercury)-7 (38) A
39 11 YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE –•– Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell (Tamla)-13 (5)A
40 58 SUMMER RAIN –•– Johnny Rivers (Imperial)-3 (40)A

10 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40- THE 1960’S- WEEK OF DECEMBER 2, 1967

  1. An Open Letter To My Teenage Son? Number 10? Never heard that before…but curiosity got to me. It even got an answer song… A Teenager’s Answer – By Keith Gordon

  2. 0h, there are some tear-jerkers in there! ‘A Loony Letter To My Teenage Son’ gets the heart hitching and the sniffles started, ‘You Better Sit Down Kids’ gets the tears rolling- but then ‘It Must Be Him’ undams any last restraint left and gets the tears gushing and my guts roiling. Its like being drunk for the first time, you move from wanting to puke- thanks Daddy Lundberg- to sobbing like a six year old- thanks for Cher-ring- to heaving your guts out- thanks Vikki, cry me a frikkin’ river, why don’t you? Three wretched sob stories in one top forty takes some doing. If there was time and space for Sgt Barry ‘Mad Dog’ Sadsack and his ‘Green Beret’ and ‘Honey’ by Bobby ‘Sickly Sweet” Goldsboro I’d be drowning in a river of tears. Or bodily fluids of some sort. Sheesh!

  3. Daydream Believer and Soul Man would be my picks. I took my sister to a Monkees concert and they were almost good. A local Dallas band opened for them. Yep, 67 was the year of the sobbing teenage girl music. 66 was good and 68 was awesome.

    • I always think of that Monkees/ Jimi Hendrix concert- don’t know if it was a tour or a one off- but- what a mismatch of artists.

    • I think Hendrix may have dropped out of the tour a few cities before they played Dallas. Kenny and the Kasuals were the local band that opened for them. We opened for Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Iron Butterfly, and were supposed to open fort The Beach Boys, but the promotion folks at KLIF went with another band at the last minuet. So it goes in the rock music world.

    • Yeah, teenagers living the dream. We were pretty full of ourselves for a while. We rocked on until May of 1969 and the band imploded. Our keyboard player took off to California to live with a hippie chick in a commune, our bass player was in love, I was getting ready for college, and our rhythm guitar player had a breakdown. Non of us did drugs, so it was all a natural occourance. We had a tough time getting out of a signed deal with our management company and United Aritst records.

  4. Some great stuff on here. I used to make fun of The Monkees, since initially they were a fake band created for TV. Well, no more. I’ve come to love their songs including the no. 1 in this chart “Daydream Believer” – what a catchy tune! Plus, eventually, they learned how to play instruments and became real musicians!

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