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After last years COVID shortened season- two months of baseball- 60 games and the post-season- I was looking forward to this season-not that I expected much from my Pittsburgh Pirates- I expected a 100 loss season and they delivered- going 61-101. I do have some hope for the future- they are building up a strong minor league system and I am hoping around 2023 that there is improvement on the major league team. What really ruined the season for me was – injuries. A number of big stars were hurt for big chunks of the season. I love to watch Mike Trout play- he was hurt in mid-May and missed the rest of the season. Not only did Trout the best player in baseball going into the season miss- but the best pitcher Jason deGrom also missed half the season. Ronald Acuna one of the rising stars in the game was hurt in July and out for the rest of the season. Numerous other stars and players spent time on the injured list. My favorite pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s season was shortened. For my Pirates going into the season big things were expected of their rookie third baseman Ke’bryan Hayes- he got hurt in the second game and missed two months and never seemed to get it going. And to top it off- the Atlanta Braves won the World Series. I hate the Atlanta Braves- nothing personal- but I still haven’t gotten over 1992 when the Braves beat my Pirates in the NLCS. I would even root for the New York Yankees against the Braves. Anyway- a disappointing season is over. Since there are no games to watch [hopefully there will be baseball in 2022- a lockout seems very likely ] I am going to be reading some baseball books and watching baseball movies the next few months.


  1. This year had injuries and no-hitters…I’m glad the pace didn’t keep on going with the later one.
    This year made me realize how much I missed baseball last year…but I’ll take the outcome of last year any day!

    With the draft picks the Pirates are taking you should start seeing them rise up.

  2. As a S.F. Giants fan, who had a phenomenal season, I was terribly disappointed when the Dodgers brought a sad end to their dream. Accordingly, I was glad Atlanta quashed the Dodgers in the NL Championship series (though their stupid tomahawk chop chant drives me crazy). I hate the Astros after their cheating scandal, so was okay with them being bested by the Braves.

    • It didn’t seem fair that the two best teams in the regular season- the Giants and Dodgers had to play each other so early in the playoffs- that should have been a potential NL Championship Series match up. Giants were so consistent all season.

  3. Now that you mention it, it did have a lot of high profile injuries, even more than most recent years which is saying something. I hope Pirates do develop the talent and move on up… lawd knows, it’s not a tough division. I feel bad for you and the fans in W Pennsylvania… the Pirates have a great, proud history but are an absolute joke right now thru no fault of your own. It’s almost like the owners are trying to drive them into the ground so as to sell and move ala Expos.

    • The owner is making money- I don’t think he has any intention of selling or moving- as long as he can pay low salaries- he will rake in the money even with no attendance. I am willing to be patient I do think they are building something–but if they get a good team- will they pay the price to win? That is the issue I think.

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