“Mine Forever” by Lord Huron

A vast majority of the music that’s been shared by this group for the singles draft (me included) has tended to be older, dating back to the 60s, 70s and 80s. Given that most of us in the group are over 50, I guess that makes sense, as people often prefer music that was popular when they came of age or before, not to mention the fact that a lot of phenomenal music came out during those decades. But there have also been a few comments from time to time about the lack of good new music, and that one has to really hunt to find anything worth listening to. That’s simply not true, as there’s quite a lot of excellent music being made today. Of course, one has to have both an open ear and mind, along with a willingness to make the effort to listen to something new every once in a while.

That said, one of the best acts making music today is indie folk-rock band Lord Huron. Those few of you who follow my blog and have read some of my recent posts know I’m a huge fan of this band. In fact, their gorgeous single “Mine Forever” is currently enjoying a long stay atop my Weekly Top 30, and it’s my pick for round 9 of the song draft.

Their uniquely beautiful music is a glorious blend of folk, western, rock and roll, pop, surf rock and new age, and has been described by a few music writers as evoking the ‘high-lonesome’ sound of such legendary acts as The Band and Neil Young, as well as newer acts like Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket. The most striking features of their sound are the lush twangy and shimmery guitars, backed by stirring orchestral strings, and lead singer Ben Schneider’s achingly beautiful vocals, which have an arresting and heartfelt vulnerability. For me, listening to their music is an almost religious experience, transporting me to a dreamy, faraway place somewhere out in the open West. The cinematic quality of their music makes many of their songs perfect candidates for the soundtrack of a sweeping Western epic.

Lord Huron was formed by singer-songwriter and guitarist Ben Schneider as a solo act in 2010, after he relocated from Michigan to Los Angeles. The name was inspired by Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes that border Michigan. The band eventually grew into a four-piece, and now includes Miguel Briseño on bass, keyboards & theremin, Tom Renaud on guitar, and Mark Barry on drums & percussion. They released their debut album Lonesome Dreams in 2012, but I didn’t learn about them until 2017, when I heard their beautiful ballad “The Night We Met”, from their second album Strange Trails. Their biggest hit thus far, the song has been streamed more than 857 million times on Spotify, and is one of my favorites of 2017.  

For those unaware of Lord Huron’s music, “Mine Forever” provides a perfect introduction, as it’s both catchy and breathtaking. Those twangy, borderline surf guitars are gorgeous, and together with the soaring strings, captivating vocal harmonies and infectious toe-tapping groove, it all comes together to create a truly phenomenal track. The song is from their critically acclaimed fourth album Long Lost, an ambitious and stunning work released this past May, featuring 13 songs plus three brief interludes. Every one of its 13 tracks is outstanding, and I think it’s hands down one of the best albums of 2021. I strongly urge everyone to set aside some time to listen to the album, and you’ll be glad you did. Even a few friends of mine who aren’t that much into music have remarked on how good it is.

Here’s the Soundcloud link:    [place Soundcloud link here]

The lyrics seem to describe an obsessive and dysfunctional love-hate relationship, in which the singer feels he can’t live with nor without his lover. Lord Huron tends to make quirky entertaining videos featuring a mix of newly-filmed and vintage B-movie footage, and the one for “Mine Forever” is no exception. The song ends with blurry images of a couple embracing as a woman speaks words in French. I love it!


  1. I’ve really liked what I’ve heard from him. He combines what I like…the older sound with a fresh view. I think with the older music…the reason I like a lot of it is the sound…not necessarily just the songs…it’s the over all sound I like in Lord Huron…and he delivers great melodic songs as well. Great pick Jeff.

  2. I’m on blog break but checking because I thought it was my day for posting. In any case, I’m happy I did. This sounds really good. I also hear Ryan Adams & The Cardinals in this. I will look for more music by this group. Great choice, and you’re right about there being relevant and wonderful new music being made.

  3. Two groups I like that I have come across in the last ten years- Lord Huron and The War Against Drugs–both outstanding- I don’t think I’ve come across any of their stuff I haven’t liked.

  4. Thanks for posting – I really like this. Have heard of this band but will definitely check out more. You’re right about the draft – Ive thought about posting more recent stuff but there were just so many older songs I wanted to share 😀. Maybe the next go around on the song draft

  5. quite a nice sound. Not a band I’d heard of but your recommendation is worthy and any act referencing My Morning Jacket is off in the right direction. A buddy of mine , younger than me, was a DJ on a popular rock radio station in Ontario for some years. He was in a band and tried to get some new music (other than new Nickelback or Aerosmith if it arrived) on air, for a couple of years they gave him 3 late night half hours a week to play brandnew stuff that was mostly under the radar . Some really good stuff came up…but not surprisingly, they pulled the plug on that idea to get in more familiar “classic rock”

    • Glad you like them Dave, but then, how could anyone not? Corporate interests have all but killed off commercial radio, playing to the lowest common denominator. Whatever the format, whether it be rock, pop, country, R&B or even classical, they tend to play it ‘safe’ by recycling the same tired playlists of most ‘popular’ songs of that genre. The only place indie artists have a chance to get heard anymore is on public or college radio stations, or the expanding number of online stations.

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