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100 Great Songs From The British Invasion: 1963-1966: ‘Needles and Pins’- The Searchers. In 1964 the center of the music universe was Liverpool- due in large part from the attention The Beatles gave to the cities Merseybeat sound. The Searchers were formed in 1959- as a skiffle group. The took their name from the great John Ford film The Searchers- which starred The Duke – John Wayne. They would have more success in their native UK than in the US- in the US they had 7 Top 40 hits- their biggest being ‘Love Potion #9’- #3 in 1964. Their hits were covers- ‘Needles And Pins- was a song that according to the source – Sonny Bono- was written by Sonny and arranger, songwriter, composer and producer- Jack Nitzsche [who was Phil Spector’s right hand man]– according to Jackie DeShannon she had a hand in it – although she is not credited.

Jackie DeShannon released the first version of the song in 1963- it peaked at #84 in the US- but it was a #1 hit in Canada. The Searchers were in Hamburg,Germany when they heard a British singer Cliff Bennett sing the song- and they were convinced they wanted this to be their next single. They had a hit on their hands- it would peak at #13 in the US- while going to #1 in the UK. The song was produced by Tony Hatch- who is best known as Petula Clark’s producer.

Single: ‘Needles And Pins’- The Searchers/ Written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono/ Record Company- Kapp/ Time: 2:14/ Released January 7, 1965 in UK/ Produced by Tony Hatch/ Peaked at #13 in US Billboard Hot 100, #1 in UK Singles Chart.


  1. I absolutely love that tune and have to agree with CB – the Tom Petty version is great and the best I’ve heard thus far. Admittedly, I always thought the version by The Searchers was the first.

    The first time I heard the song was in 1977 when it became a hit for English rock band Smokie who were very popular in Germany. IMHO, they have the distinction to have recorded one of most stupid and annoying songs I know, “Living Next Door to Alice.”

  2. That song is dripping in Merseybeat, and what a great one it is. That modulation and key change is a bitch, and a wee bit tough to play live, but my band did learn it, eventually. CB is right that Petty has the better version, but then Tom and crew had a better mix, instruments, and musicians. Jackie DeShannon’s cut is also great, but a bit too “chickesque” for my taste. So, I made that word up to fit the moment.

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      Hans…what is more painful is Jansen is Jansen again. He has been untouchable. With a three man rotation you don’t burn them up.

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