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2021 Song Draft- Round 7 Pick 13- Cincinnati Babyhead selects- ‘Fortunate Son’- Creedence Clearwater Revival.

CB had no idea what this song was about when he first heard it.  It rocked and it was CCR and that was good enough for him.  It wasn’t until quite a while later that he clued in and heard what Fogerty was singing.

The opening is classic Creedence, everything in the song is classic Creedence.  When CB finally clued into what John was saying the song became even more of a favorite.  It struck a nerve. He was singing about my class and he was rocking with an emotional bite.  The song is sung and played with lots of feeling.  Listen to John wail.  This song is busting at the seems with all sorts of emotion.  I never get tired of it.  A favorite for sure.

CB hates to be predictable but this tune goes perfectly with the Burns/Novick Vietnam  film.  I think I’ll listen to it again right now.

I’ve included a cover by Clutch (CB fave band). They are keeping the vibe alive. New school does old school old school. Crank it!!


  1. Now, that’s my kind of music – CCR are among my favorite bands!

    John Fogerty may have been a bit headstrong and sometimes I feel the other guys in the band didn’t get the credit they deserve, but he’s a great songwriter and a great guitarist.

    • Christian, i think we established a long time ago that CCR is one of our go to bands. This is such a cool tune. It would have been interesting to hear an extended version with Fogerty wigging out on the guitar.

  2. Great song! A bit of an outlier in their collection by way of it being so political, but I think that makes it all the better. Really makes the scene in ‘Forrest Gump’ too when they’re getting to Vietnam.

  3. This is how you reach the people. Music can reach places nothing else can. I love this song and it’s biting and true message. Think about how many years have passed since this came out and how little has changed since then. Clutch does a really good job on the cover. Nice to see young people taking up the banner. Great choice, CB!

  4. This song is brimful of righteous anger. And yes, John can be a controlling egotist, but when you have the massive ability he has you can understand his point. ‘Long Road Home’ off ‘Revival’ follows along in the same vein.
    Clutch do a fine cover too.

  5. Yeah, Clutch got the vibe. Carrying the torch. CB wasnt the quickest study but he eventually got it. Cool thing is, the song works on a few levels. Now Im going to find out there was some kind of social meaning in ‘Travilin Band’

  6. Fantastic pick CB. Such a rocking tune. At the time it’s messsge must have been a direct slap in the face to folks to pay attention. Love the Clutch cover as well

  7. This is near or at the top of my CCR songs. Excellent pick CB…Fogerty’s voice should be considered an instrument on it’s own…or a dangerous weapon.

  8. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite CCR song- so many classics but I’d have to go with CB”s pick- Fortunate Son- as the GOAT CCR single.

    • There are a few CCR tied for favorites Hans. ‘Suzi Q’ was the first I heard and it was the big hook for me. Something about this tune though. Kinda gets in the bones and the mind. Emotional connection I guess.

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