Cream – Badge – PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

This a favorite song by one of my favorite bands, Cream. It also has one of my all time favorite guitar solos. Eric Clapton lays down a short solo that absolutely got me and has never let go. Like all good solos that I like, I anticipate it every time. The song is only just over 2 and a half minutes long. Proof that short and sweet works. A perfectly placed solo.

Eric does his thing about 3/4 of the way through. The song is so cooly crafted and Clapton puts the cap on it with his sound. What a great piece of rock guitar. I never tire of it. This was one good band and Eric shows us why he is one of the best. Pretty close to a perfect piece for me.

One of those songs if I heard on the radio, I stopped what I was doing and waited for EC to do his thing. One of the reasons I like this kind of music. It moves me. My ears love it. (and so does my cat). Any song that uses the name “Mable” has it going on for me.


  1. One I can get behind easily ! A great , snappy tune . Never have understood why it was called ‘Badge’ though. Anyway, that, “Layla” and “Bell Bottom Blues” are my top 3 Clapton songs not precisely called ‘Eric Clapton’, and they would rank up there easily with my top 3 Clapton songs billed as Eric Clapton.

  2. Oh! I haven’t heard this in a while. I didn’t recognize the disjointed title. I heard this at my paternal uncle’s house quite a bit as a teen. My dad & his little brother were eight years apart and couldn’t have been more dissimilar in music tastes. My uncle was a Clapton & Chicago fan with some Beatles thrown in. Good stuff. When I clicked to play it, confused over the title, I immediately remembered “Mabel.” After it played, YT went to White Room, with one of the greatest openings. Thanks for the revisit!

  3. This is great – I don’t really know it as I’ve spent most of my Cream time with Disraeli Gears. YouTube comment say Harrison and Felix Pappalardi (sorry about spelling) play on it too. I enjoy most of Clapton’s stuff through until 1971 then dislike most of the mellow solo stuff.

  4. CB…you beat me to this one…I have it in my drafts…I like the middle right before the solo kicks in…they set it up great. George later put something like that walk down in Here Comes the Sun. Awesome pick man!

  5. Cream is way WAY up there on my list, as you probably know, CB. To me their music is hypnotically good. The combo of these 3 guys enchants me every time, no matter which song they are performing. Excellent choice and yes that guitar solo is unmistakable. I love guitarists that have a light touch that feels the music not someone who is a technical hot dog and Eric Clapton fits that bill. I consider Robbie Robertson in that group also. Have you ever listened to Doyle Bramhall II?

  6. Didn’t I just comment on that tune on your channel, CB? 🙂 In any case, fantastic pick for the draft. Cream are definitely my favorite ’60s bands. N.S.U., Strange Brew, Sunshine of Your Love, Politician, White Room – so many great tunes! Given the explosive relationship between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, it’s a miracle they lasted as long as they did and not kill each other!

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