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With the passing of Don Everly- who is left from the 1950’s rock and rollers? Buddy Holly was the first to go. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Elvis, Little Richard, Eddie Cochrane, Bo Diddley, Ricky Nelson, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, all gone. If you want to stretch the definition a bit since they are in the Rock Hall- James Brown, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke are all gone. I was down to The Killer- Jerry Lee Lewis at 85 as the last man standing? Then in double checking- Dion- I certainly think Dion counts- he’s 82 and still going strong so we are down to The Killer and Dion. Who will be the last man standing? Dion is still going strong last I heard while Jerry Lee has had his problems- but I wouldn’t count out Ol’ Jerry Lee- ‘The Killer’ may be too mean to die?… In another 10-15 years the discussion on who the last 1960’s rock and roller to go may be on- of course we know the answer to who that will be- it will be down to Keith Richards and David Crosby. My money is on Keith. Note- As far as 50’s rock and rollers go- I know Pat Boone is still living but he’s not rock and roll- plus we all know about 25 years ago he did that heavy metal album- and probably sold his soul along with it so…


    • She’s in the rock and roll HOF- She counts. Although she won’t be the last MAN standing. She may already be the last woman standing.

    • I think it was in the Chuck Berry -Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll doc- from the mid 80’s- Jerry Lee is interviewed and he said his own mother told him- You are Elvis are pretty good but Chuck Berry is the best.. something like that. reminds me of Barry Sanders saying Jim Brown was better than his son.

    • That would have pissed ole Jerry off. His own Mom. He is one of my top guys. He’s short listed for the draft. Special talent given to one crazy guy. You musta of seen him in your travels. Gotta catch him on a good day because he can get miserable.

  1. David Crosby reckoned he hadn’t got long left in the documentary a few years back. I reckon someone who popped up at the end of the 1960s and lived pretty clean – a Tony Banks or Justin Hayward – could have another 20 years.

    • I keep hearing these dire reports on Croz- yet he keeps chugging along. .. Steve Winwood is only 73 he might be a decent candidate to last a while. There were of course more 60s rock stars so I don’t think in ten years we will be down to a couple.

    • Ant Phillips, who was a founding member of Genesis, is still in his sixties. He’s not in the RRHOF though. Genesis are a good option as they were teenagers when they recorded their debut and didn’t party as hard as most bands.

  2. It’s sad, but also inevitable… the 50s were a long time ago now. I remember seeing a news bit, maybe 15 years ago about how large newspapers have people on staff who write obituaries … ahead of time. They just guess who’s likely to go soon and write one up, so they can drop it in with only a few minutes of updating when the time comes. Morbid, but a job that probably keeps them busy these days.

    • There is a very good documentary on this- I think it’s called OBIT– how they prepare obits- and sometimes they are caught off guard- the Michael Jackson death came at a bad time of day- and also they weren’t prepared for it… I think the doc profiles the people who work on obits at the NY Times. I may have to re-watch it now. ..

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