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Ranking All 30 #1 Hits From 1986.

  • 30: ‘Kyrie’- Mr. Mister
  • 29. ‘Sara’- Starship
  • 28. ‘Amanda’- Boston
  • 27-‘You Give Love A Bad Name’- Bon Jovi
  • 26-‘That’s What Friends Are For’- Dionne Warwick
  • 25-‘Glory Of Love’- Peter Cetera
  • 24-‘The Next Time I Fall’- Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
  • 23- ‘There’ll Be Sad Songs – Billy Ocean
  • 22-‘On My Own’- Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald
  • 21-‘Stuck With You’- Huey Lewis And The News
  • 20- ‘These Dreams’- Heart
  • 19-Venus’- Bananarama
  • 18-‘Take My Breath Away’- Berlin
  • 17-‘Invisible Touch’- Genesis
  • 16-‘Holding Back The Years’- Simply Red
  • 15-‘When I Think Of You’- Janet Jackson
  • 14-‘Greatest Love Of All- Whitney Houston
  • 13-‘True Colors’- Cyndi Lauper
  • 12-‘Higher Love’- Steve Winwood
  • 11-‘Papa Don’t Preach’- Madonna
  • 10-‘Addicted To Love’- Robert Palmer
  • 9- ‘Kiss’- Prince
  • 8-‘ Human’ -Human League
  • 7-‘How Will I Know’- Whitney Houston
  • 6-‘Rock Me Amadeus’- Falco
  • 5-‘Walk Like An Egyptian- The Bangles
  • 4-‘The Way It Is’- Bruce Hornsby And The Range
  • 3-‘Live To Tell’- Madonna
  • 2-‘Sledgehammer’- Peter Gabriel
  • 1- ‘West End Girls’- Pet Shop Boys

7 responses to “RANKING ALL 30 #1 HITS FROM 1986

  1. I like your pick for the best one. It has aged well, too. I like it even better now than back then. Some of those songs don’t seem like #1 material at all. They sure didn’t at the time, either.

  2. Those are a sad bunch of songs. I do like West End Girls but as a whole…no thank you. I would take a top 40 on a given week from 72 to beat that.

  3. There were a few greats (“Sledgehammer” “The Way it Is”) some very good ones (“Papa Don’t Preach”, “West End Girls”…) but a lot of weak material all in all. Remarkably I like “Sara” by starship, the one and only song I can tolerate by them after they dropped the Jefferson from their name. Mighty glad we had an alternative rock station where I was that year!

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