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Billboard #1 Hits: #612: ‘Amanda’- Boston. November 8, 1986.

  • Single: ‘Amanda’- Boston
  • Record Company- MCA
  • Genre: Soft Rock
  • Written by Tom Scholz
  • Time: 4:16
  • B-side: ‘My Destination’
  • Album-Third Stage
  • Grade: C
  • Peaked at #1 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

I’ve always thought it strange that- in 45 years this band has only released six albums. I am surprised they have released two in the past 20 years- two albums that at least to me were released unnoticed. Back in high school everyone seemed to love their debut album. I thought they were boring. ‘More Than A Feeling’ was ok- the rest- I pass on. Hard to believe ‘Amanda’ was a #1 hit but I guess it’s not the worst #1 hit of 1986 and it’s not a song I’d say I hated- it’s just there. When I run into anyone who says they like Boston- what they really mean I think is they like the debut album.

2 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #612: ‘AMANDA’- BOSTON – NOVEMBER 8, 1986

  1. I think one of the problems is their sound was interchangeable. You couldn’t tell by listening if a song was on their 3rd or 1st album. What you heard on the 1st album is the same throughout.

  2. the first two did sound about the same to me… this song seemed somewhat different . I liked it but didn’t think it was fantastic, and although it did well, I think the window for them had more or less passed by then.

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