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Hans Hot 100 Beatles Songs: #90: ‘Doctor Robert’-

The countdown so far: 100: ‘ Any Time At All’ / 99-‘No Reply/ 98-‘You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]’ 97- The Inner Light / 96-You Won’t See Me/ 95-‘Baby’s In Black’ / 94- ‘Sexy Sadie’/ 93-‘I Need You’/ 92-‘Love Me Do’/ 91-‘ Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey’/ 90- ‘Doctor Robert”

#90- ‘Doctor Robert: One of thirteen songs on the countdown from Rubber Soul- only one song didn’t make it on the list. ‘Doctor Robert’- A John Lennon song- although Paul McCartney claims to have co-written it. Who is ‘Doctor Robert”- there is speculation that it was a dentist friend of The Beatles who first turned them on to L.S.D., or it is Dr. Robert Freymann of New York City-‘Dr. Feelgood’ whose clients included the POTUS Jack Kennedy. There is even speculation that ‘Doctor Robert’ is a friend of us all- Mr. Bob Dylan who introduced the boys to marijuana.