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Hans Top 100 Beatles Songs: #100: ‘Any Time At All.’

I was working on ranking every Beatles song from worst to first- but I stalled out in the 140’s. When I listened to The Beatles Channel over Memorial Day weekend doing the listeners vote Top 100- I thought it would be a great idea to just cut to the chance and organize my Top 100 and go with that.

‘Any Time At All’ my #100 selection is from The Beatles third album- A Hard Day’s Night. Mainly written by John Lennon the instrumental middle eight was written by Paul McCartney. John did most of the lead singing on the song but you will notice Paul singing the second ‘Any time At All’ on each chorus because John’s voice couldn’t hit the high notes. I like the energy on this song- John’s shouting. It feels at the end that he didn’t have anything more to give.

3 responses to “HANS HOT 100 BEATLES SONGS #100 : ‘ANY TIME AT ALL’

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  2. I’ve been toying with this idea, too. I just felt like it would be a daunting task. Kudos to you for tackling it. Will be looking forward to your picks.

    I tend to like the earlier Beatles stuff. Not that I don’t like the later stuff, I just feel like the majority of their songs I like came from the early years.

    • Not to give anything away but the middle years are my favorite -followed by the later years– interesting how people have different likes- i like them all of course.

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