Twenty years ago, Ted Williams made Fenway All-Star Game one for the ages -  The Boston Globe

Great Baseball Moments- July 13th, 1999- Baseball’s All-Star Game was held at Fenway Park in Boston. One of my favorite All-Star memories [it’s hard to believe its been 22 years it seems like yesterday.] Ted Williams at the age of eighty was honored during the pre-game ceremonies. Ted’s health wasn’t good, he couldn’t see well. The video kind of tells the story- but Ted was there. After the National Anthem was sung by the great Donna Summer [a Boston girl] a garage door opened in center field at Fenway and a golf cart emerged with Ted. They wheeled him in along the right field and first base line. When he got to the pitchers mound area all the players mobbed him. He spoke to Mark McGwire and asked him if he could ever smell smoke coming from his bat- to which McGwire said ‘All the time.’ Ted chatted with his friends Tony Gwynn and Nomar Garciaparra. Then Ted yelled for Sammy Sosa and Sammy took his hand. Tony Gwynn helped Ted throw out the first pitch to the legendary Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk.

Ted Williams is one of my favorite all time players. During his playing career he was a controversial figure but he aged well and kept himself involved in the game. One of the things I admired about the older Teddy F. Ballgame was- he wasn’t like some of those old timers knocking the current players and championing his era. He was still a fan of the game, talking hitting with current players. He didn’t bad mouth the current players/ stars he was a fan of theirs and became friends with many. Ted may have been the greatest hitter who ever lived- I’d say is either The Babe or Ted- but no one ever discussed hitting better than Ted did. The 1999 All-Star Game was his last great moment. He would die on July 5, 2002 at the age of 83.


  1. He’d have gotten 800 home runs if he hadn’t been such a great patriot (which I appreciate even more about him). Seeing all those guys line up to shake hands with him was one of the most touching things I’ve seen.

    • Yes who know what his final all around stats would have been had there not been those two wars. Those were prime years for him too especially WWII.

  2. I remember this very well…I’ll never forget what he asked McGwire. He was one of the most respected older guys I’ve seen.

  3. Hans,
    you and i have talked about this man and his moments forever. i have always said he should have died on 4 july but he missed it by a day. this was captain america for sure.
    i was fortunate enough to meet him. too bad his family turned his death into such a circus.

    • Yes he just missed the 4th.. I can remember being in a store in Gettysburg- they had a television on– the news came across about Ted’s passing…

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