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Yes these films are terrible, but there is a method to my madness. 
Nigel Bach has made 7 films in his “Bad Ben” series. These all are cheaply made with no differences in the plots. All include supernatural themes, but they are funny as well. 
The major one I will highlight is Bad Ben. Which has a great premise, but does fall short on what it tries to do. Basically, Nigel Bach buys a house and plans to flip it. He then encounters hauntings which he simply does not care much about. Yes, it does have a lot of funny material, yet it does try too long to get to those moments as does the other films. I do love the aspect of a man who has his house haunted and just simply does not care whatsoever. It is the type of movie I have dreamed of watching. 
As for the other films, not so good. “But why would you suggest these movies?” Because one man made these films, and while the quality might not be up to par to other films, it is incredible that one man made these with a low budget. As someone who wants to create films themselves these are inspiring to me (to a degree of course). The other films range from The Mandela Effect to a Scary clown film within the same house too. 
Honestly, I just recommend Bad Ben the most, but the others are quite fun for a late night film night. Plus, it is really neat to see someone make a feature film that might not have the greatest quality but still at least made one and several more! Really these films to me represent the persistants that we all should have within our careers and passions! 
Thank you to everyone who has commented on my page and films! I had such a great time looking at all of yours! I am sorry that I did not comment on some as I was busy with school and film projects! If you are interested in my work please check out my instagram on my page! 
Take care,  live long and prosper!!! 


  1. This is why we do this: To share cinematic gems others might not have heard of! This is new to me. I’m definitely captivated. Adding this to my Horror Fest in October!

  2. I’m glad you took part and hope we will get to see more of your work in future events like this that Hans’ has put together! And wishing you best of luck in university in the coming year.
    I totally get your points about both how a movie can be so bad it’s kind of good and the appeal of the low-budget. Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ was like that to me – at time I thought it was funny as anything, but more than anything else, I was amazed some ordinary Joe Schmo like me could make a movie by himself, in his workplace, on a comparatively tiny budget. I found that inspiring and that admiration lives on even though I don’t grade the movie as highly now as I did 25 years back.

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