Kirby Puckett called his shot in Game 6 of 1991 World Series – Twin Cities

Great Baseball Moments- The 1991 World Series between the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins would have seemed an unlikely match-up six months earlier. Both teams had finished in last place in 1990. This World Series would be voted by ESPN as the greatest World Series on the 100th anniversary of the World Series. Five of the seven games were decided by one run. This certainly was a very memorable series- and the most memorable moment came in the bottom of the 11th inning with the score 3-3 and Twins superstar Kirby Puckett at the plate. The Braves at the time had a 3 games to 2 lead in the series. Puckett’s home run- tied the series and forced a Game 7. I was rooting for the Twins in this one! [I must admit that the only time I ever rooted for the Yankees was when they played the Braves in the 1996 World Series.]


  1. I remember this like it was yesterday…Hard to believe Kirby is gone now. I actually hated the Braves worse than the Giants or the Yankees.

    • I didn’t realize I hated the Braves the most until that World Series- I had thought ‘I can never root for the Yankees’- turned out I could.

    • Everyone here started to wear a Braves hats that were Reds fans a year before…bandwagon jumpers…plus they couldn’t even sell out playoff games which was sad. Something about the team I didn’t like. I did like a few players like Terry Pendleton and a few others.

    • everyone was on board when they turned into winners- then got bored with them when they kept failing in the post season

    • I also remember around 89 that one game only drew like 1500 people…I asked them where were they then? I love going there with my Dodgers jersey…

    • off topic- did you see that Baez rundown- Will Craig bonehead play today? Just when you think you’ve seen everything.

    • Oh my gosh…I have NEVER EVER seen that before. I can’t believe that. He must have been caught up in the run down but come on! Oh he will never live that down Hans…ever.

    • on PTI yesterday it was the leading story- and later on they showed the famous Rodney McCray minor league play of his running through the fence- it was 30 years. In 30 years they will probably be replaying this play. That will be what his career -which is going to be very brief- will be remembered for. A play a Little League kid would be embarrassed over. Four more months to go in the season who knows what else the Pirates may do….

    • I don’t know how he got caught up in that play…I wonder if his teammates were pleading with him to go back and touch first? If he does stay up in the Majors…no one will ever let him forget.

    • He was a former first round pick- which was universally panned at the time. I think when Moran comes off the disabled list he goes back down. I am really frustrated with the Pirates right now- they have nothing at AAA- the only hope I have is it does seem like Cherington has a plan and is developing a farm system- the prospects are in the low minors- so it’s waiting right now. They have too many players on the MLB roster who have no business being there- including Craig.

    • Maybe at the trade deadline he will deal for some higher up minor leaguers. I would imagine everyone but a very few are available.

    • I would have liked them over this past winter to sign some cheap free agents who were out there to fill in for a year or two- who were at least major league players. When they call up players right now its career minor league types -looking on the bright side-[sort of] at least they have given some of their failed prospects like Craig a trial at the big league level- it’s good I guess to find out if they can play or not.

    • Yea it’s basically a throw away year but at least they are looking to see who can do what…you never know you might find a late bloomer in the bunch…I doubt it will be Craig.

      I hope they kept him away from the press yesterday.

    • Shelton took the blame saying that Craig didn’t know the rule..what? A 9 year old little leaguer knows you just step on first -third out… the team was built to lose- if you are going to be bad- be really bad and get another first pick.

    • I saw that about Shelton… no one bought it…but there is not much to say in that situation. I admire him for trying…yes they are tanking it.
      Tyler Anderson did say something interesting…he said there should have been 8 guys yelling “touch first base”…well yes in that situation but NO…who would have thought he would do that?
      Hans…one thing…it didn’t help his trade value!

    • No it doesn’t…. this play has given the Pirates more publicity than they have gotten in years!

  2. I’ve been a Braves fan since moving to Atlanta in ’88, but even though they didn’t win, that was one hell of a World Series. Maybe the best one I’ve seen since I started watching baseball. The guy I felt really badly for is Charlie Leibrandt, who got busted down to the bullpen after losing Game 1, gets into Game 6, and loses that one on the first pitch….

    You realize that both Charlie and Kirby are from Chicago?

    • The only series I’d rank ahead of it was the 1975 series- but that was a memorable one and I’d like to watch those games over again…

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