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2021 Movie Draft- Round 11 Pick 2- Hanspostcard selects- foreign film- M. [1931]

The silent film/ foreign film category was the most difficult one for me to fill. I have liked not watched a whole lot of either- the ones I have watched I have liked but I seem to avoid them because they just seem like work. When watching foreign films it seems to take me 10-15 minutes to get used to the reading but once I get into it I am fine.

The first film that entered my mind when I realized I had this category to fill- was a favorite of Mrs. Postcard’s – M. I had seen it in the past when she has watched it. I dug it out to re-watch last week it had been a number of years since I last watched it. First off if Peter Lorre is in a movie-I am watching. This was his big break through movie. In this German movie directed by Fritz Lang- Lorre plays the role of a serial killer of children Hans Beckert.

Murder, Manhunt and Justice. Looking Back at Fritz Lang's 'M' - mxdwn Movies

Lorre only makes a brief appearance in the first part of the movie. Children are being killed and the city becomes more and more concerned with each disappearance/ killing. It’s a very good movie -turned great when Lorre enters. The city mobilizes and searches for the killer. I don’t say anything else as far as the plot of the movie. M was voted the greatest German movie ever- and is regularly listed when the topic of Greatest Movies Ever- are discussed. This movie is often called the birth of the psychological thriller. M clocks in at 111 minutes- even if you have a difficult time with foreign films- this is one you should see. [ The whistling part in this movie by Lorre- sticks in my head every time I see M- for days ]

Peter Lorre: 10 essential performances | BFI


  1. Looks great Hans. Peter Lorre had such an unusual look about him. I have always liked how German films look…the last one I saw was Metropolis.
    I have Zardoz from Lisa’s pick ready to go and I’ll put this one behind it.

  2. I’ve heard of this movie for years but the child killer part has always kept me from watching it. I have watched Dexter though and the first episode is about a child killer, so I guess I’ve already crossed that line. Adding it to my list (if the library has it.)

  3. In Germany Before The War
    There was a man who owned a store
    In nineteen hundred thirty-four
    In Dusseldorf
    And every night at fine-o-nine
    He’d cross the park down to the Rhine
    And he’d sit there by the shore

    – Randy Newman

  4. Great pick Hans. Im all over this stuff (Stranger on the 3rd Floor). A few more in the same vein. Lorre is a CB fave. Love the guys work.
    I tend to watch more international films nowadays. Probably 3-1 at least.
    I guess movie night will be ‘M’ soon.

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