Deep Cuts from 1971:’ Andy Warhol’- David Bowie. From my favorite David Bowie album- 1971’s Hunky Dory. A song that Bowie wrote about one of his early artistic heroes- American artist Andy Warhol. It is an acoustic tune-with only Bowie and Mick Ronson appearing on it.

from Songfacts-

This acoustic song is about the artist Andy Warhol, who was one of Bowie’s greatest inspirations. In his 2003 interview with Performing Songwriter magazine, Bowie explained that he had not met Warhol when he wrote this song and he got an interesting reaction when he played it for him. Said Bowie: “I took the song to The Factory when I first came to America and played it to him, and he hated it. Loathed it. He went [imitates Warhol’s blasé manner] ‘Oh, uh-huh, okay…’ then just walked away (laughs). I was left there. Somebody came over and said, ‘Gee, Andy hated it.’ I said, ‘Sorry, it was meant to be a compliment.’ ‘Yeah, but you said things about him looking weird. Don’t you know that Andy has such a thing about how he looks? He’s got a skin disease and he really thinks that people kind of see that.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ It didn’t go down very well, but I got to know him after that. It was my shoes that got him. That’s where we found something to talk about. They were these little yellow things with a strap across them, like girls’ shoes. He absolutely adored them. Then I found out that he used to do a lot of shoe designing when he was younger. He had a bit of a shoe fetishism. That kind of broke the ice. He was an odd guy.”

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  1. “Hunky Dory” is a great early album by David Bowie. I’m mostly familiar with the “hits,” including “Changes”, “Oh! You Pretty Things” and “Life on Mars?”, which I all really dig. “Andy Warhol” would fall more into the acquired taste department, though I will add that also happened to me for other songs I now really love!

  2. One of my favorite cuts. I had a zebra finch who would start chirping furiously every time I played this particular song; I don’t know what sound set him off, but it did. I found it delightful, although it in hindsight it was probably stressing the hell out of my bird.

  3. Creative geniuses are often considered odd, with Bowie and Warhol being two examples. I’m sure they’d rather be odd than average, which probably felt odd to them. Thank God for the odd and us average folk who appreciate them. I love this song!

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